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What are the chips of U disk?

What are the chips of U disk?

The common main control plants of Bai are: Du Huirong SMI group alliance Phison Qingtai skymedia Xinchuang 3S Lianyang Zhi (Liansheng) langco Netac Anguo alcormp Maike micro micov core state CBM I want to create intelligent micro jmicron innostor Yifu fortune Ali solution

There are two better ones

The reason is that it has good compatibility, high success rate of mass production (99%), and the speed of reading and writing is almost fast, so it is a special product for novice mass production.

Kingtech skymedia master chip also has a large number of users, but its mass production is easy to fail, and its compatibility and read-write speed are also average. However, it has an advantage that all other controllers do not have. Kingtech skymedia master supports the true meaning of "three start", that is, it supports usb-cd / usb-zip / usb-hdd three disk coexistence and three disk startup! It's an experienced mass production specialty.

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