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  • What are the chips of U disk?

    What are the chips of U disk? The common main control plants of Bai are: Du Huirong SMI group alliance Phison Qingtai skymedia Xinchuang 3S Lianyang Zhi (Liansheng) langco Netac Anguo alcormp Maike micro micov core state CBM I want to create intelligent micro jmicron innostor Yifu fortune Ali solution

  • Wireless charging is the key link to boost the intelligent era

    Analysis of wireless charging manufacturers; as an important basic energy, electric energy has brought great convenience to daily life and industrial production through continuous development. In today's 21st century, the production and development of industrial society need to rely on electric energy. In the future, electric energy must be one of the leading roles of green technology

  • Shenzhen Vastdigi Technology Co., Ltd will participate in international large-scale electronic consumption exhibition in 2019

    Shenzhen Vastdigi Technology Co., Ltd will regularly participate in large-scale industry exhibitions at home and abroad every year, and our products are loved and welcomed by customers at home and abroad

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