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  • U disk chip broken can repair? U disk chip model how to see?

    If the U disk chip is broken, can it be repaired? Can it be repaired? Users will usually use the U disk mass production to repair when encountering the U disk failure. But before the U disk mass production operation, you must master the model of the U disk master chip before the next operation. Then how can we know the model of the U disk master chip? Let's have a look at the simple method shared by the experts.

  • What kinds of USB flash drives are available?

    The card U disk is a customized style that many customers can choose, and it is also a style often produced by our gift U disk manufacturers. The card surface area of the card U disk is relatively large, and there are more printable contents. In addition, the high-definition plane color printing machine can be used for high-definition color printing. The printing effect is very good. It is not only beautiful, but also waterproof and dustproof Many financial enterprises, automobile enterprises, and some exhibition companies can choose styles.

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